Whether it’s a pontoon or a 50 foot yacht, you want to protect your boat so you can enjoy all the wonders of the water on South Shore: Boat insurance is a necessity for any motorized watercraft in your possession.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Besides insuring your investment against physical damage, most Massachusetts boat insurance policies also protect you against damage you may accidentally cause to another person, boat or pier.

Like with auto insurance, a boat insurance policy on the South Shore can protect against collisions, while a comprehensive policy will protect against more (such as theft of the boat or vandalism to it). And you can always add additional coverages for things like medical payments or uninsured boaters. Not all policies cover the contents of your boat against theft, so going over the policy with a professional will help you understand where your coverage starts and ends.

How Much Does MA Boat Insurance Cost?

Again, much like with auto insurance the cost of boat insurance in Plymouth County depends largely on the type of vessel and where you’ll park and sail. How much “extra” coverage you choose also changes the price tag: You can choose different amounts of liability, uninsured boater or medical payment coverage — or even add pollution coverage (fuel spills) — all which changes the final cost of your boat insurance policy.

Here at Atlantic Insurance, we can help you evaluate your risk and make an informed decision, and also find available discounts for things like time out of the water each year.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today!

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