Business Owner Insurance

Do you operate a small to mid-sized company on the South Shore or in Plymouth County? Did you know that a business owner’s policy (BOP, for short) is a cost-effective way to combine business property and business liability insurance into one policy?

What is a BOP?

This combo-package allows you to protect your physical business property (like the building itself, or your merchandise) as well as your entire business from liability suits, such as if someone were to injure themselves in your store.

While you can purchase separate policies for these coverages, a BOP combines the premium and is a must-have for almost all small and medium size businesses.

What do BOPs cover?

Most BOPs cover named perils (such as theft, vandalism, fire, etc.), loss of income from business interruption due to disaster, and your physical business property. However, BOPs don’t cover things like commercial auto insurance or worker’s compensation insurance.

Because each BOP is different, it’s important to discuss your policy one-on-one with a professional to make sure you understand how your BOP is protecting your business.

Can I add on coverage?

Maybe you store a lot of personal data from customers that would be at risk in the event of a data breach: That’s an additional cover you may want to tack on to the general policy.

Is your place of business close to a flood zone? Most typical BOPs don’t include flood insurance, so ask us about adding that to your policy.

How do I get a quote?

Every business is different, with unique needs, products and storefronts. You need a policy that keeps all those nuances in mind so you are prepared for whatever life throws at your business. Contact Atlantic Insurance today for a specialized quote!

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