Commercial Auto Insurance

Are you a business owner who operates a motor vehicle during your typical work day on the South Shore or in Plymouth County (or whose employees do)? Then you probably need commercial auto insurance.

Yes, even if the vehicles in question are “normal” sedans and not 18-wheelers (if it’s registered to your business, or if you use it primarily for business purposes — if it’s just to commute to and from work then your personal auto policy is probably enough). 

For the most part, you need commercial auto insurance for any vehicles you have that:

  1. Employees use for work purposes
  2. You use for work purposes (other than commuting)
  3. Are registered to your business

What is Massachusetts commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance covers your vehicle for many of the things that personal auto insurance covers, but the insurance company knows of the increased risks and liabilities that you as a business owner take on when they write your policy.

These coverages typically include:

  1. Collision coverage: If you crash into a vehicle or someone crashes into you
  2. Comprehensive coverage: This covers the cost to replace or repair your vehicle if it’s damaged by something other than another vehicle
  3. Bodily injury liability: This helps pay medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses and more if you harm someone with your vehicle
  4. Medical payments: To cover the cost of medical bills if anyone is injured in the crash
  5. Under/uninsured driver: To pay for damages to you or your vehicle if you’re struck by an uninsured motorist.
  6. Roadside assistance: Covers towing, unlocking and other mishaps typically included in a AAA package.  

While Massachusetts requires a certain level of base coverage for all commercial vehicles, you can add to your limits to get a more comprehensive policy depending on your business’ needs.

How we can help

If you have any doubts about whether or not you need commercial auto insurance, call us!  We will help you determine where your vehicle falls.

And should you need commercial auto insurance, we are happy to help you determine what limits and extras work for both your business and your budget and help you understand every detail of your policy. Contact us today!