Tenants Insurance/Renters Insurance

Massachusetts renters’ insurance is one of the least expensive ways to protect your personal property from fire, water damage, theft or storm damage: and one of the only ways to do so if you rent an apartment or home in Plymouth County or on the South Shore.  

While your landlord may have home insurance on her investment it does not cover your personal property. So if anything were to go wrong, you’d be picking up the tab to cover your losses.

Just Another Fee?

Worth the risk not to add on another bill, you think? Depending on the type of property you live in and how much stuff you have the cost for coverage can be as low as $100-$150 for a full years’ coverage! At that price, why not insure?

Added Benefits of Tenant’s Insurance

Best of all, Massachusetts renters’ insurance doesn’t just cover your personal property at your home. It covers your stuff in car, at the gym and almost anywhere you take it.

Additionally, if you have to relocate while the landlord needs to clean up/rebuild after the loss, your tenants’ policy is going to pay for you to live somewhere else.

Most renters’ policies also include personal liability coverage, and you can always tack on special coverage if your needs are more complex.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s pick out a policy to keep your belongings safe.